Tuesday, March 16, 2010

welp, cya later!

Hey ladies, sorry, I'm off the market. I won't ever settle for another woman again unless it's Nataly Dawn or Lauren O'Connell

This is one of the most beautiful things.


Lawsy said...

oh dear, you and alex have some issues to work through.

Kirsten Huth said...

what can I say about this...I'm at a loss..aha

In response to your comment, man, you told me about that in New Orleans, and it's something I always respected about you, your relationship with your sisters. Speaking from the sister side, we couldn't be more grateful ;)

redneckzilla said...

Don't worry. See because Austin is delusional and I am serious. A very serious person. And I will win Nataly's heart.

Also, this debate should somehow be settled with an arm-wrestling match. Like in Over The Top. Can we please do that?

Austin said...

Realistically, if her love really was on the line, I would definitely fight you alex. I would fight you so hard. And you would lose.

Natalie said...

I would just like to say that I'm boycotting this post.

And. Winning.