Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Night

Tonight is a cool brisk night, warmer than usual. The heavens are open for all the world to see. Stars dot every possible patch of sky the eye can see. I open my window and hear the faint cries of an animal crying to the big white moon. I didn't think NKU would have any sort of wildlife like that. We have an over abundance of skunks but that's the only sign of life I ever see. The cries started between two animals, one on each side of the patch of forest outside my window. The cries grew louder and closer, two family members shouting their whereabouts.
As the voices grew louder, I realized it was a pack of wolves. A third joined in and they screamed to the heavens. I stood taking in the beauty of the moment, a cool windless night that makes you breathe a little deeper than usual, the life outside my window - all was this moment.
I-275 runs just beyond this little patch of foliage. An ambulance flies by, its sirens in unison with the high pitched yelps reverberating off the leaf-less trees. The cries seemed closer than ever, I could hear branches partitioning as the pack weaved through. Then silence.
The ambiance of the highway filled the air. I heard nothing but the passing cars for a good while. My eyes scanned what lies below my second story room. I wanted to cry out for them to come back...soooo I did. I closed my eyes and put on my best impersonation of a cry to the moon. It was terrible.
But as I closed my eyes and yelled it as loud as I could, I felt free. I understood the meaning behind the action. When I was through, I pulled my head back in the window. I didn't feel foolish. I felt alive. I breathed in another one of those long deep breaths.
A few moments went by. And then a wolf peered its head around a tree and our eyes met. There was this trust. It was a beautiful creature, it's eyes glaring, reflecting either the huge dorm floodlight or the moon. I'd like to think it was the moon for the sake of the story. It trotted out into the open and sat, eyes still pressed against mine. We stared at each other for a while. I was struck by the beauty of this wild animal, sitting upright towards me. It confidently sat in place, aware of my human presence. Then it's head reared in each direction, scanning the area, and it slowly continued on into the other half of the forest. I stood staring at the spot we had met eyes and another wolf peered its head from behind the tree. It followed suit of the other, stopping only briefly to take in the sight of this man-made structure that a pale skinned figure hung out of. A few minutes went by and a third wolf followed, a bit smaller and timid than the others. It wandered around in the open for quite some time and then entered through another part of the trees.

The highway ambiance filled the sky once more. The passing cars a constant in the atmosphere of this place. I leaned my head further out the window and admired the clear sky. Squinting past the flood light, I could see the patchwork brilliance clearly. I feel alive. The Limelight theme entered my mind and I stood a little longer, humming the tune, soaking in the brilliance of creation.


Kelsie Lynn said...

umm beautiful, awesome..yeah.
we do wolf howls here all the time. mostly at passing cars through the windows.
you here or something.

Kirsten Huth said...

that's all I can say. You flippin make my brain explodeby the pure geniusness that is your writing!
I love...
"I'd like to think it was the moon for the sake of the story"
miss you, man!
Thanks for this!

redneckzilla said...

Nice. Very Very Nice.

Also, Limelight by Rush is one of my favorite songs.