Friday, March 19, 2010

Valley of the Giants

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All that I ask

is that I may not let life pass by. I hate the idea of compromise.

I want to live among dramatic landscapes. Live in a place I know is no different than anywhere else. But I choose to romanticize it, thinking its some mecca of possibility. Because in turn, that's what it turns in to.

Lately, the top of my hand has been developing a bruise from holding the weight of my forehead. My swollen mind drops in desperation and my hand is there against it.

The most illogical, but logical choice would be to work on a boat. To be at sea and yearn for land after beautiful nights on a sometimes placid sometimes treacherous sea. That's what I want, even if that ends up just being a forgettable metaphor for what comes my way.

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Kelsie Lynn said...

beautiful thoughts austin.
you are loved! just come to australia with me. mum reckons its a good idea. and its a pretty land with 'dramatic landscapes' ..done deal.