Friday, March 5, 2010

Happiness is a

To the woman who always comes in and uses the left corner computer:

Don't sigh so loud.

Every day, you come in and sit sighing. Everything seems to exasperate you. You punch each new key with frustrated force. Nothing can go right.
The sighs grow more desperate as the hours pass.

I'm this woman sometimes. I choose to visibly show my exasperation to others, or to no one. It's human, sure. But it can be controlled. What good is it to walk around like that. You're neither benefiting yourself or more importantly, others. I could make some faith tie into all of this, that God supplies this indispensable love we can grasp on to if we so choose at any moment. I do believe that with all of my being.
But even outside of that, to those who don't believe...what good is it doing? Are you doing any good by moping around? Are your sighs helping your situation any more?
I firmly believe that we have the choice to be happy or not. At any moment, we can choose to make the best out of our current state. I know this. I've had to do it myself, and I've seen others do the same. Unless you'd prefer to sit letting out exasperated sighs and bringing those around you down with you.

Stop complaining. Live. Take it all in. Take in all the brilliance and beauty that has flooded our world in between the bad. I assure you there is much more good than bad at work in our world. There is beauty in the breakdown...or lack thereof.

I am sitting listening to your sighs. I will smile at you when you leave.

Valley of the Giants - "Whaling Tale"...

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