Monday, March 22, 2010


Mandatory "I have no idea what do with my life/education" college blog post. Sorry to elaborate on the cliche.

These past few days my mind has been reverting back to that anxiety I had in high school for the first time since then. My mind is racked with and impending decision only I, myself, can make. It's slowly melting. I have no passion to do anything.

I hate this. I hate over-priced tuitions (go ahead, make a fortune putting the future of the world in debt and/or making students compromise their true dreams). I hate limited opportunities.

See, and give it two minutes and I'll regret writing this. I'll say it stupid and useless to write. But these thoughts run through my mind every other moment.
I'd like to say I have faith it will work out. In fact, I tell myself this after each one of these thoughts. But that doesn't stop my mind from running.

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Natalie said...

Hey so I just found this one.

Look how far you've come. Don't you think?