Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ladle of My Life

I was really taking the title of this blog seriously until I read it out loud...oh well, it stays.

I critique myself on a daily basis. I get this out of body sensation, viewing myself as someone else. I make a comment about something funny someone said earlier in the day, immediately regretting it because the laugh from my peers is a polite chuckle, not the burst of laughter and pats on the back I was expecting.

No matter how hard I try, I always put too much salad dressing on my lunch side salad. A full ladle should be fine. When I get to the bottom of the bowl, soggy lettuce drenched in dressing. It seems like there is a pretty obvious solution to this debacle, go for a half ladle. But then you have to factor in how much lettuce you put in the bowl. A dry salad that lacks that adequate hint of dressing can put a damper on anyone's lunch. Solution: croutons and carrots. I now go for the full ladle because the carrots and croutons use up more dressing. Case closed.

I recently watched my friend Brian ask a girl to dance with him during a concert. I envy his shameless confidence with girls. Half of the girls like it, half don't. But I think it would nice to have every once and a while.


redneckzilla said...

There's one very easy solution to all your problems.

Dump salad dressing on girls.

Manda1012 said...

lol well I like his comment.

anyways, what a nice.. indepth..salad blog. lol :)

though its true too much dressing rather annoys me..

as far as girl problems go...Just go for it. you have a 50 50 shot. thats pretty good odds in todays society.

and u should have more confidence boy, you're intelligent --maybe a bit lacking in math but who cares, and that's something women (all that i know) def go for. you're funny, and you're creative and all that jazz.

instead of being so hard on yourself. sit down, write down all your positives. lol give yourself some encouragement. then go ask someone out, and if u fail, that just means you're gonna succeed with someone else.

this was a long comment that i wasn't intending on leading but im in a ramble mood cuz im slightly agitated right now so woo. here ya go.

take it
leave it
cover it with the proper amount of salad dressing

i dont care, its your choice..

dude im still talking...