Monday, September 15, 2008

Cinematic Sensations

I love when I have cinematic moments. I leave for work while listening to some escalating movie score and I imagine myself as the main character in a movie where someone or something is chasing me. I imagine a gunman entering a public place, threatening the lives of everyone while I, crouching out of sight, wait for the assailant to turn his back so I can take him down and save the day. I see a swift moving crane shot of me sitting on a park bench. I see a girl I like and I imagine our life together, my heart beat escalating.
Yesterday, hurricane force winds caused massive power outages around the greater Cincinnati area. I left home to go back to my dorm later that night. I drove down a familiar road I had never seen before. The normally bustling suburban commercial districts were invisible against the thick of the night. The only lights were those of the cars on the other side of the highway. Every other highway exit was a line of cars that lead to the sirens and flashing lights surrounding an accident (the street lights were out). I imagined myself in an "end of the world" scenario. This cinematic sensation was only fueled by the digital highway signs, still in power, that were flashing Amber alerts for a white male in a grey Cutlass. Still caught up in the moment, I realized I was low on gas. No gas stations were open due to the power. I was going to run out of gas, forced to walk the night in complete darkness.
For the duration of my drive, the world was flipped on its side. All rational thinking was thrown out the door. I was in a movie, a movie in which I, Austin Dressman, would brave the eternal darkness equipped only with my iPod and a traffic flair. I would find this grey Cutlass, kick some pedophille ass, and return the abductee to her family safe and sound.

My life really is a movie.