Thursday, January 14, 2010

Patience is a Virtue

I feel like I have 200 things I want to say, but I can only say a few of them.
I feel like I feel that way a lot.

I have all this stuff bottled up, all of these things that I would absolutely LOVE to be outspoken about but "common sense" and "patience" tell me otherwise. See, I have this way of thinking and communicating where I just want to let everyone in on my "secret" passions and desires. I guess I just trust everyone. Everyone is worthy to hear about them. Not saying you'd particularly want to...
But do you ever have times like that? Because not only do I feel like that all of the time, I also feel like no one else experiences this. Which obviously, is false, but it feels that way.
I feel like I give too much of myself to people sometimes. Maybe it would mean more if I stretched it out over time? I don't know.

All of my classes are going well. An online gen ed (Diseases and the Systems They Affect), Cinema Studies (US), Arabic, Single Cam, and a stupid math class.
The only two I'm actually excited about are Cinema Studies and Arabic. Arabic, because I can't wait to learn more, and the teacher isn't too bad to look at. She's this cute Tunisian with this amazing passion to teach us all. Maybe I can get some...EXTRA credit yeah? yeah????
Anyways, Cinema Studies will be good because we're writing papers about the movies we watch, like all the other cinema studies courses I've taken. So that's fun.

I'm just looking forward to this semester to be over. I'm sure it will be fun, and I'll get a lot out of it. But really, if April was here already, I wouldn't be upset.

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redneckzilla said...


I hope this semester passes easily. Don't neg on yourself. Just get it out in your journal. Or photos. Make something with your hands.

Don't get all bottled up. Make bottles pop. Petron. Rap song. Something. I'm not making any sense.

Oh and never forget: