Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heaven Help Us All

I am so much like the Nephites it scares me.

I so easily forget the works of God in my life. I recognize and appreciate them at first, inspired by this revelation from God. But then just as quickly, I am swayed to questioning even His existence. Then God makes himself known once more and I am repentant. Then I deny him again.

The process repeats itself over and over.

I will say that I take comfort in the fact that I know I am not perfect, I am human, I sin. But it still amazes me at just how unappreciative I can be sometimes, how easily I forget the beauty and truth.

one of my favorite live videos of Mr. Charles

Oh, and I'm going to try this new thing where I change my blog header picture almost every time I post a new blog. So right now, I'm using a picture of my wife from another life, Paulette Goddard.

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