Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Looking Into the Past: Thomas Circle, Washington, DC

Birthdays are always just so underwhelming for me. I guess I just don't really care about it. Ha, I mean it didn't even register to me that my birthday was coming up until last Friday.


That's weird. It doesn't feel like I'm twenty. I've officially left behind my teen years. I don't know if I'll ever fully grasp that, but then again I'm only a few hours in to "adulthood".

Someone phrased it today like this: "you're half of forty now!"
That's even weirder to think about.

This birthday has forced me to look back. I mean I am entering my 20s. That's scary to me. I can't just make promises to myself of things I'll do someday, dreams I'm sure I'll achieve, places I'll somehow end up in...I have to start being that change. And its daunting.
A 19 year old can dream, and let those dreams envelop his inner-most passions and desires. But a 20 year old must act on those passions. He must channel those dreams into motivation.
It's one of my greatest weaknesses, I feel. It's so easy to say and think these things, but it's an even greater challenge to act.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Nothing can touch me.


redneckzilla said...

Dude, if there's one thing the Golden Girls taught me, it's that your life doesn't even START until you're in your 60's and then it's full of glib commentary and references to the AARP.

So don't worry. You've got a LONG way to go.

Kelsie Lynn said...

Yeah but if theres one thing Full House taught me, it's that the best years of your life were you were 6 and only if you were mary kate and ashley.

So, yeah. Don't enjoy your birthday..that would be crazy. According to Alex this will only happen when you 60. Ill bring the pizza.

Austin said...

the combination of both your responses made my brain explode...

thank you.