Friday, January 22, 2010

Her eyes scanned the metallic door frames for a reason to turn back.
The spring-back woosh the doors make when someone walks in front of them cloud her mind from further thought. Suitcase in tow, she blindly goes where so many have gone before.

The illuminated flight numbers leave light shadows under her eyes. What would set her apart? How would she change anything?

The PA murmurs a flight change that echos against every wall in the terminal. It finds its way back to her ears and her eyes flicker with hopeful anticipation. The echo never seems to end as it dissolves into the masses of travelers.
Looking past the masses, a slow but steady best foot forward, she is taken aback by movement. She reels in her insecurities with the snap of the suitcase handle and lets the moving track take her to her destination.


Kirsten Huth said...

is this the first memory?!?!
Glorious..that's all I can say, Glorious!!!
I had this crazy dream about you last night and I woke up here in this freezing little Romanian village missing you!!!
I hope you are doing good! It was good to go back and read the blogs I have missed of yours!!
love you man!

Austin said...

thanks! and right back atcha doooood!

and yeah how is Romania!? That's so awesome that you're there.