Monday, September 6, 2010

stream of (sub)consciousness

This half strand of christmas lights illuminates the living room with a dull glow. I'm sitting here with a stack of graham crackers asking myself if I should climb to the roof or not. Up there, you can see every star in the sky. And if there's enough of a moon, the mountains glow a purple splendor. It's funny how she's become such a normal part of my life. And I don't say that casually. Take her out of the question and I would be left with an unquenchable void. I want her here for it all. This stuck out to me today: "For we are but of yesterday, and know nothing, because our days upon earth are a shadow" (Job 8:9). I am happy in a place where I can sit silently in a room with the girl and my best friend, music softly floating through the speakers. And even in these lonely late early morning hours, I am comforted by a peace that comes with knowledge of truth. I think I'll go to the roof.

Belushi doing Joe Cocker never gets old...ever.


Natalie said...

You guys went all out and bought a half string of Christmas lights!

Hey you're pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

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