Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reverie #7

I walk home from a run down the street
My mind is empty, my thoughts blind
How am I to think
When I am waiting for it all to begin?
My lips are sticky my breath is hot
And as I turn the corner I'm struck
Struck by a flood of evening sun
At first I merely catch my breath
But its when my feet begin to shuffle
That I lift my head to the sky

There are no questions
Just the wave of golden slumber impressed
I drift in between the shadows of trees above
My mind is nowhere to be found
It is running rampant in a wild field
It is soaking in the sage, tree-lined horizon
It is falling from the heavens
Earthy thoughts are shattered
I am dreaming a dream of dreams

How can I worry
When the wind presses against my eyes
How can I worry
When all denotes that you surround me
How can I worry
When warmth cradles my head
How can I worry
When tree-lined streets exist

Now I am on the bus
It's difficult to steady your arm on the rumbling steel jutting from the floor
I am tranquil
The open window beside me
Blows in the gusts from passing traffic
I smile as the breeze drips down to my soul

Barry Rowen continues to amaze me with his work. This is absolutely phenomenal.
It's such a personal piece, but its impossible not to empathize with.

Dreaming from Barry Rowen on Vimeo.

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