Sunday, July 11, 2010

The End of Mosiac Law

Did you hear about that woman in Iran who was recently condemned to a public stoning on the charges of adultery?

It truly is amazing to find remnants of Mosiac law still taking place in this day in age. Jesus Christ tells us that he is the new standard...Mosiac law is over, no more animal sacrifices, no more stonings, etc (see mosiac law link above).

2000 years wasn't really all that long ago. I'm so thankful for a perception built by the precepts of the restored Gospel. It's amazing to read or hear people conversing about theology and see how much it all fits in to the restoration. I just sat through dinner with my Dad and uncle talking about faith and their frustrations with the Catholic Church. So it raised a lot of old thoughts in my mind when I was first checking out the LDS Church. Once you understand the restoration, there is no going back. It's the only way you can see things from that point on. It's a beautiful thing. As promised, living it only brings about happiness.
I'm in love with God's deft hand.

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