Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Newport Evenings

Newport at 5:24 pm

Sidewalk heroes jump the curbs that line the Victorian architecture
Their bikes glide delicately over transparent shadows left by neighboring trees
Windows down, I pilot my car around the shoddy patchwork road
The heat waves dance off of the asphalt, rising fingers against a retreating sun

Life in slow motion
The back wheel pegs a landing pad for the friend trailing behind you
Slush Puppy in hand, the jump is a delicate balance
Tired faces watch from the front stoops of 4th St.

Newport at 11:47 pm

They swarm under incandescent neon
Musk and body sprays clash into the smell of exhaust and cigarettes
Windows down, I watch from the red light, Bird my accompaniment
A crowd forms around a woman riding a mechanical bull

These streets run yellow with booze at night
It's whats left over from the bootlegger syndicate days of yore
Carbon copies cross from one bar to another
Look past the neon and you'll see right through them

The light is green and I am off to starry nights and thoughts of her

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