Saturday, February 6, 2010

Drawn out Metaphor

Ok, I'm probably taking this metaphor way too far. But think of it in the context of "Love".

I build elaborate sandcastles only to have waves knock them down.
I put so much of myself into it only to see it washed away within seconds.

But the joy is in the process. It's the building, figuring out the design. You're on your toes, anticipating the waves by building temporary blockades. And when that ultimate wave hits, you're left in utter despair, wondering if it was even worth building in the first place. Why spend so much time, so many tireless hours to have it debilitated in seconds?

But sometimes, you manage to create something beautiful that lasts. It's far enough away from the rising tide. It makes all of the previous attempts seem all worthwhile.
I thought I'd found it, maybe I have, maybe I haven't.

For now, I'm still frivolously building, trying to keep the waves out, trying to appreciate the process.

I'm not giving up that easy.


Kirsten Huth said...

I love this!!!
I believe you are one of the best working with sand :))!!
love you man!!

The B. Hite said...

Moats. Build moats. Metaphorically speaking, that's a kick in the stomach with spiked boots for anything that's potentially going to destroy your (or hers/his) love.

Seriously. Add alligators to them, too.

Emily Rigby said...

i don't think that metaphor was too drawn out.
maybe if you would've started talking about the specific towers and drawbridges and dungeons and comparing famous castles...etc. ha. nah this is a good'n.

Austin said...

haha ok good yeah I'm glad I didn't bring towers and drawbridges into it either.

and thank you kirsten and brandon...good stuff.