Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Brief Texting History - 2/17/10

all of this took place in a span of an hour

Austin- watching citizen kane AGAIN in an nku cinema studies class. that like 4 times now. I want to watch blue crush.

Alex- I liked Citizen Kane for the first twelve minutes and then I turned it off to watch 'over the hedge'

Austin- Deep focus cinematography was best used in Waterworld

Alex- I think that the allegorical tale told by 'when a stranger calls' exceeds anything western cinema has ever attempted

Austin- Montage editing was really revolutionized by eisenstein in his late classic 'overboard'

Alex- The undiscovered genius of tarkovsky really shows in his underground opus 'short circuit'

Austin- The South Korean new wave was initially sparked in the late 90s by 'A Goofy Movie'

Alex- German expressionism was originally the brain child of jay roach

Austin- mary pickford was so good in 'the hangover'

Alex- bertolucci impressed me with 'danny deckchair'

Austin- I was really surprised to see jean gabin doing the voice of the groom in 'the corpse bride'

Alex- and what about melissa mounds playing the piano in the beginning of mamma mia?

Austin- pure brilliance. but I much prefer pierce brosnan AS the piano in 'ray'

Alex- you have made a most excellent point my fellow. here, here. i'd nominate him for an award, however that would mean ousting john leguizamo from the 'best instrument; category. and we all know his performance as the trumpet in paul blart mall cop 2' was suberb and probably the only thing that's kept him from killing himself

Austin- john leguizamo is making a big cameo in 'step it up 4'! so excited! that is if he makes it that long

Alex- God knows. He lives with kevin james and terry gilliam now. they're all supposedly working on a reboot of wolfman.

Austin- wolfman? I heard is was 'Selena: the Resurrection'...with j lo

Alex- no no, you're thinking of 'aliyah vs. left-eye: the return'. The tagline is 'if at first you don't succeed...'


Kelsie Lynn said...

i laughed i laughed

redneckzilla said...

You're so gonna be in my state in less than 7 months.

Lawsy said...

This sort of intelligence makes me feel unworthy to be a film major.