Friday, December 4, 2009

Overheard at Work.

-Part of an ongoing series-

There's this guy that I work with. His desk is around the corner. He's a nice enough guy, we say hi and talk for a few minutes when he passes my desk.
But he says some of the most obnoxious ignorant things...

Directed at the Palestinian guy: "It's stupid. Why can't the Shiite's and the "Sunny's" just give it a rest. They're really blowing things out of proportion."

Also heard earlier, "So wait. How do you say it? Ramadan? When was it? guys just like...don't eat? Like...don't you get hungry? When I get hungry, I eat."


Kelsie Lynn said...

haha errr who's comment is that?

Austin said...

Oh, that?

hah, yeah my mom comes on her every once and a while and leaves anonymous comments thinking I don't know it's her.

Mom! I know its you!



Kelsie Lynn said...

haha that is awesome.
go Mum