Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I love my wall much. Sometimes I just stand and stare at the infinite amount of city names and mountain peaks. Seriously, it's like the best thing to distract from writing papers. Because you don't feel bad doing it, because it's knowledge right? If I stand here 5 more minutes, I'll retain that much more geographic knowledge.
If I hadn't procrastinated on my paper, who knows how long it would have been before I learned that the Lualaba River is a tributary of the Congo River! Right?!

Why am I still awake? Sure, I don't have class tomorrow...but this is ridiculous.


Kirsten Huth said...

I like this picture of you, adorable!!!

I need a map wall...the end

Mariele said...

I finished my last exam with 45 mins to go and wasn't allowed to leave the room. Luckily there was a world map on the wall right next to me.
Could not agree more.