Saturday, April 7, 2007

NYC and Grindhouse


Wow, so much happened. I got Tarantino's autograph on a Pulp Fiction poster I bought the day before we left. Well, my Dad was the one who got it signed. We went on a Fox morning show called The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet and Quentin happened to be a guest on the very day we were supposed to go. So right off the bat, this NYC trip is pretty amazing. We arrived at the Fox Studios near Time Square about 2 hours early. Time passed and before we knew it we were heading in to the holding room before the start of the show. As they were checking the list of people who signed up for the tickets, they couldn't find our name anywhere. Turns out our email confirmation was wrong and we were supposed to be seeing the show the next morning. But, we only wanted to come because of Tarantino. So after all the people on the list are in, we're told there's only one ticket left. So Dad said I could have the ticket and he'd wait out at the coffee shop across the street. I felt horrible...but, the security guy said we'd have a better chance of getting the poster signed outside as Quentin was entering the studio. Sure enough, Dad got the poster signed while I sat in the audience waiting for the show to begin. Next big surprise, I see some crew members bringing my dad into the studio and into the audience. It couldn't have worked out any better- and the show was really good too.

This trip was awesome. After the Tarantino experience, for the next 3 days (we were there from 4/1 to 4/6) we visited Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn College, the U.N., and went to 3 Broadway shows.

I'll post a NYC Vacation Video up here once I'm done editing it. The Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island day was second to Tarantino. It was humbling to take the ferry past the Statue and onto Ellis Island - a route taken by millions of anxious immigrants from the early 1900s to the late 1920s. I was awestruck by the statue. I'll never look at it the same. That one monument served as the beacon of hope for so many entering the country, as well as its native citizens. It was a great day.

Brooklyn College wasn't that impressive. It looked pretty average. Just your basic Macs for editing and storage rooms with cameras. But what can you expect, Its no NYU or USC. I'm just not big on moving to NYC. I love the town, but my sights are set on LA. I'm still standing by my NKU option.

I saw Grindhouse today! Wow, that was the most fun I've ever had in a movie. It's moviemaking in its best, rawest form. It just looks like everyone had a blast making it. And like I said, it was just as fun watching it. Tarantino never fails to amaze me. And might I say Rodriguez's portion of the double feature Planet Terror was very good. I'm not the biggest Rodriguez fan but Terror was great -definitely his best. Grindhouse can be looked at this way: Rodriguez's Planet Terror was Grindhouse Cinema in its truest form -it was basically a replica of your typical 70s Grindhouse movie. Tarantino's Death Proof was a neo-grindhouse sort of deal. It took certain elements from the old Grindhouse films and made them modern day. This is similar to what he's done in his other films. Pulp Fiction (neo-noir), Jackie Brown (neo-blacksploitation) and so on.

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