Friday, April 20, 2007

ACT, The Girl, Babel

Not too much has happened over the past few weeks. I took the ACT last weekend and the same day threw a surprise b-day party for Dad. The ACT sucked. I just hope I got above a 20. Which isn't too good of a score but its still average. I just did do too well on the math and science portions. I get the results back in 4-7 weeks. Dad's party was fun. He was extremely surprised and he loved the new TV mom bought for him.

I guess I should explain what happened on the days following the ACT. Well, during the test, there was this really attractive girl sitting a few seats in front of me. She had my attention the entire time; literally from the time she walked in to the end of the test. She had this really natural beauty and these really charming little quirks about her. She kept eating these peppermints (peppermint apparently stimulates the brain - helps you do better on tests). When she first walked in she took a few out of her purse and put them on the empty desk next to her. She then proceeded to eat about 25 of these mints all throughout the test, noisily unwrapping them each time. She had this other little thing about her. She wore this baggy jeans that look like they could have been her brothers. She doesn't really sound like some super-hot girl but just had this uncommon charm and beauty to her, and I was captivated. I never did get her name or anything; I couldn't see what was written on her test paper. But I did make about 2 seconds of eye contact with her as I was leaving through the school lobby. The thought of her stayed with me for a few days. I even tried to find her on myspace, without any luck. Well, you can't always get what you want.

Today I faked sick so I could stay home and catch up on some movies. I've watched Babel thus far. I thought it was really good. It was very dark and a bit depressing but that's the way it was supposed to be. I remember one the critics from my favorite podcast, Filmspotting, said Iñárritu (the director) was too harsh on his characters. In a way I agree -There was almost nothing good that happened without a horrible consequence. Babel was a series of stories that all connected in some way, so I guess I see what Guillermo Arriaga (the writer) was trying to say -that since all their stories are innerweaved, the bad that occurred in the beginning trickles down to all those connected. It's also a film about human flaws. Some of the choices the characters make have serious repercussions. This film reminded me of a much better version of Crash.

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