Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Do you ever have those days when you’re just numb to everything?

Those days are a conundrum of human existence.
It’s those days when nothing seems to please your human senses. No person, no taste, no sound, no music can seem to pull you permanently out of your lack of inspiration.

I’m never content with just reasoning that I’m “in a bad mood”.

I must dissect potential causes in my head over the span of many hours. I wallow. I look for that opportunity to pull myself up, that leverage from the rut.

And then, just as I’m winding myself up for further disappointment, I stop…

And its as if my mind leaps out my brain and into the sky. I breathe. This barred mindset is suddenly under foot and I’m free of all uninspired thinking.
And I hear Sinatra playing from the bottom of a deep well in my soul.

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Kelsie Lynn said...

Yes Austin. Oh yess. So well said