Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hm, I actually wrote a poem...

**This started out as something else, but soon turned into verse, and then I changed where it was going halfway through. But I think it still works.

I am vulnerable, to anything.
At this point in my life
The winds sway me in the way they will
The jet streams lift me into oblivion

Politics are virtuous
And labels are an identity
Confidence is ambivalent
A knock at the door is the promise of change
Money is the answer
to all of life's problems
Friends always leave
Loved ones always die

Love is unachievable
An impossible ideal of modern man
It exists only in dreams
Love is no battlefield
And is was not made for me and you
Love loves no one
But everyone loves love

But I was borne along by dreams
Of God's particular grace for me
It's bittersweet scent leads me on
On an impossible quest for fulfillment
The trek seems never ending
Oh! But love is so close!
I can feel the warmth of its presence
The touch of its company
Love can be seen from my distance
It's rays of hope gleam like embers

The jets streams sway
And I am falling
Falling from the sky
Landing on solid ground
But I have seen Love
Love is not dead
The jet streams sway


redneckzilla said...

Love loves no one
But everyone loves love


This was really good when I took the time to read it. Why didn't you ever show this stuff to anyone in Hamm's class?

You're way talented. It was good.

Austin said...

ah well I actually just wrote it spur of the moment one morning when I woke up. I'd never really written like that before so maybe I should do it more often. It's the first poem I've ever written that I'm actually satisfied with.

Manda1012 said...

That was really good! I liked it. Read your comment, yea usually the best kinda of writing comes from "the moment", like instant inspiration. You have to act on it or it'll all be lost. but anyways lol goo poem :) i suck at poetry :'(