Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ode to the Scheben Branch

This protruding thought clouds my mind.
The thought of moving from the compact Scheben library to the new, bigger, industrious Burlington branch sounds pretty bland and mundane on the surface. But there's so much more to it. I find myself playing sad-sounding indie songs behind a corny montage of my 4 years spent working at Scheben as a Page. I'm moving so I can be closer to NKU, where I'll be living next year. It's like an early graduation [I started working there at the beginning of Freshman year]. I'm moving on. Moving on from the place I listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts. The place I started at listening to MXPX and MCR and eventually grew to appreciate Yann Tiersen and The Turnbull AC's.
The Scheben library was a refuge. A place that remained constant in the weekly routine of school and homelife. I knew that two times a week, and occasionally weekends, I would be there.
The path between the towering book shelves I've walked through so many times hold years of my thoughts and ambitions. Letters to forgotten summer loves, lists of goals and "to do's", and sparse pages of self pity and realization. All glimpses into the hormonal raw emotion that has collected over the years on the backs of scrap paper and loose leaf.
I know, I'm romanticizing a brick building that sits next to a Krogers. But the thought of leaving the place I spent 15 hours each week for 4 years brings back a surge of memories.
Essentially, no momentous change will have been made in my transition. I'll still be working the same days and hours, walking the the same narrow paths between book shelves while listening to my favorite podcasts. It's just the thought of driving past it on my way to Burlington, working with new people, and not seeing the unknown, yet familiar faces of the regulars at Scheben. It's the beginning of new part of my life. A stop to the normal everyday routine. A new page in my life.

haha I'm sorry but I had to end it on that last line. It's so lame but it fit well.


Manda1012 said...

Wow, you worked there for four years? I knew that you worked there (as it is stated on facebook) but four years would be pretty tough to leave behind.

I've only worked at Remke -yea i know it's a bit different than working a library but I have met some great people there, so of my best friends- for about a year and a half but it's going to be tough to leave it behind this summer (I'm most likely going to Morehead or Berea so I have to quit because its at least hour and a half away).

But now you get to start over an make new memories so thats always a plus :)

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