Monday, March 19, 2007

More College Crap

Well, Sunday morning before work, the rents and I had another one of our college talks. Wow, a lot of things have changed...just in a span of 45 minutes. It looks like I might not be leaving town to go to film school. We were talking about how it might be smarter to go to NKU where I'm already paid for completely, and just get a Video/TV degree there, get a job a local TV station (or something similar). I can save up money, train myself with those "film school in a box" deals (and many are actually used by film schools in some courses), and build up experience and contacts before I head out to Hollywood. I 've listened to so many testimonies on how ruthless it is out there in LA. I need to jump into Tinseltown prepared. It's the only way to survive. Just the other day I was reading this guys blog. He had gone to Full Sail and then straight onto Hollywood. Something like 6 months later, he was back in Wisconsin or wherever it was he was from because he had run out of money. He had to recuperate back at home and then go back. It just doesn't seem worth it to spend all that money to go to film school in Chicago or NYC if I'm only going to be in some serious debt afterwards. I can learn most of what I would learn in film school by teaching myself at home, saving money and time.
But, I'm still keeping my options open. This is just one of the many scenarios I'm going to have to choose from in about 8 months.
I love movies. That's enough for me to go on. I just know its what I want to do.

Ok well, hopefull I'll have some more diverse posts in here soon. I need to write about life outside of movies. Wait, do I even have a life outside of movies?

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