Thursday, April 29, 2010

And the living is easy

I wonder why I can't just say a few words on here. I always feel like I need to write a lot.

Well today I'm going to merely "update" my blog. So...yeah.

I'm completely done with this semester next Thursday. It feels good. I need to get OUT of this place MAN! A week or so and I'll be living the life at home...taking pictures...staying up late...listening to music all night with the car windows down...reconnecting.

Great photographer

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The Road To Suburbia said...

Today June referenced her Kentucky Derby experiences:

"Ya'll I saw things I don't ever want to see again. [Pause] This was about thirty-five years ago... People were drinking and doing drugs and taking their clothes off and I just couldn't believe it..."
I'm sorry I bring it all back to June, but this will end eventually, cuz IM GONE GRADUATE!!!