Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ah well, you know...

I need a girl, dammit.

I've always been one of those people that has been completely fine with being single. Really, I love it. There is so much clarity and self-discovery that comes along with it. But at this exact moment, I want nothing else in the world more than to find someone.

You know, and I even recognize that it won't change things all that much. It's not like "my life is meaningless without a significant other to share it with!"
I just simply want to appease my mind. I want to give in to that petty feeling I get every once and a while.

As a matter of fact, I'm sure I'll look back on this entry tomorrow and chastise myself for giving in to writing it.

Note to future self: "Ok yeah. I get it. Sorry, it won't happen again...(yes it will)"
Note to future girl: "Disregard this post please."


Kirsten Huth said...

ehem...first I have to say that your previous post was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read!! This is the thing I love about you the most, your ability to see beauty right NOW!! As the crazy things are happening to you, all you see is the beauty in it. It is sort of self-sacrificing in a way. Lately I have taken to finding the beauty instead of the complaint and I find it truly is a poetic and refreshingly beautiful way to live. thank you, dear friend, for showing me that!!

As for this post...haha if you only knew what I was thinking:)

love you dear friend!

redneckzilla said...

I'll datecha.

Austin said...

ah Kirsten thanks so much!

but really it doesn't feel like a choice to think that way. I simply acknowledged it a ways back and it somehow stuck as a filter in my mind.

I'm convinced its a way of thinking accessible to anyone who is willing to give it a chance.

miss you Ms. Huth!

Kirsten Huth said...

Agreed, dear dressman, agreed!!!

redneckzilla said...

I think we really ARE the same person. I know it'd be the worst to have a girlfriend, but these damn hormones of mine keep making me make moon eyes at all of them.

Hey, aren't you the gay one?

Manda1012 said...

Don't chastise yourself for this, it's only natural to end up thinking this way at one point or another.

Natalie said...

Oh, hey.